With ExcalibAer you don’t need to make major changes to your existing anaerobic digestion process in order to group bugs for maximum biogas production while reducing H2S up to 99%.

A uniquely designed process control mechanism

The ExCalibAer process utilizes different environments specifically tailored for the biological kenetics of each reactor. What makes ExCalibAer unique, is the process control mechanism. The Sweet Gas Reactor (SGR) is a mesophilic aerobic digester that follows the anaerobic portion of the process and serves as the engine to provide a driving force for process and nutrient control. As the final process step the SGR is ideally suited for nitrification. EPS reduction and biosolids conditioning before dewatering. Aerobically treated material headed for dewatering is wasted out of this reactor, while a portion of material is recycled back to the beginning of the process providing pH and nutrient control across the entire system.

Create an ideal environment for fermentation

The Feed Denit Tank (FDT) accepts raw feed, while creating an ideal environment for fermentation through temperature control, a short HRT and optimal growth kinetics. Fresh feed material undergoes the rapid processes of hydrolysis and acidgenesis that convert the organic material into volatile fatty acids (VFAs), while the recycled material is the driving force for pH control, H2S suppression, and long-term stability by offsetting feed fluctuations. The conditions established facilitate rapid and efficient denitrification, releasing N2 gas from the system, while reclaiming alkalinity that maintains ideal values for pH and the VFA to alkalinity ratio.

Controls to allow mother nature to do her work

VFA-rich material from the FDT is transferred to a conventional or existing Methanogen Reator (MR) designed to convert VFAs into methane-rich biogas. The environmental conditions enable the system to achieve a high conversion of VFAs to methane, while reducing both the toxicity related to H2S and ammonium in the liquor to prevent precipitation of minerals. The control offered by ExCalibAer allows mother nature to thrive at her work.

Additional advantages

  • Inhibits H2S production in methanogen reactor
  • Higher quality biogas
  • Up to 65% VS destruction
  • Substantial volume reduction >50% TS
  • Increase cake solids from mechanical dewatering ~30% TS

  • Reduction of polymer for dewatering (up to 50%)
  • Elimination of coagulant for dewatering
  • VFA/PAO return for BNR
  • Automated process control


A Higher Quality Biogas

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